Producers Bootcamp with The Movie Method

The Producers Bootcamp is back and boy are we excited about it!

Hi! I’m Makenna and I’m an actress turned Producer, currently working in feature films in the UK. I’m huge dog lover and keen adventurer – If there’s sunshine and sea, I’m there.

I sold my first ever film several years ago (which we made for a ripe old budget of £400 in a garage and sold for an advance of $7,500 before even making any actual sales). In all honesty the only reason I knew how to do so was by ‘failing forward’, sharing tips with friends, and asking those who had done it before me for help.

It made me realise that there’s a massive elephant in the room in our industry when it comes to sharing actual REAL applicable information- everyone tells you that you can fund, budget, make and sell a film, but no one seems to actually be willing to share HOW they did it.

And so ‘The Movie Method’ was born- whilst in it’s beginning stages now, it’s my full intention to make this a transparent place on the internet for our industry- a place where you can actually get real answers when it comes to the business and marketing of your films, rather than the wishy washy stuff that’s served up time and time again elsewhere.
My ethos and intention behind everything I do with this company- to open doors for others, that I have managed to get a foot into, in the hope that they will then hold open the door for the person behind them.


‘I did two of Makenna’s webinars and they were truly the most informative webinars I’ve ever been on (& I must have done hundreds by now!) Thank you so much- I feel like selling a film is actually attainable. I can’t wait to try!’  

Joleen White Filmmaker

Who this course is for:

Have you ever felt like you’re missing the magic ‘thing’ that can take your films to the next step? Like being able to actually see a financial return for your own films is just a pipe dream? If you’ve ever finished a film, popped it on a hard drive and thought ‘Now what?’, then this course is for you.

I’m taking you step by step through every major part of film production- from how to actually fund your films (no, we’re not self funding!), to budgeting and scheduling your production with enough back up plans that you’ll be able to save production when things go wrong on set, and ultimately I’m teaching you how to sell the damn thing! 

In this 3 week course, I’m walking you through how to avoid the mistakes I made whilst learning the simple step by step process that you can directly copy to start seeing a financial return for your films. You’ll learn how to then ‘rinse and repeat’ the process to build your credibility as a filmmaker, to make more films, access bigger budgets and build a long term career in the film industry- sound good? 

Format: Once a week Zoom workshop set up for 3 weeks , Q&A formats, PDF slides of presentations. 

Tuesday evenings 7.30-9.30 PM 11th January 2022, 18th January 2022, 25th January 2022. 


PLEASE NOTE: After completing this course, you will become and Alumni member of the Producer bootcamp. This will allow you to gain access to book onto future Producer rooms that I will be holding with The Essex Film Collective. This includes an array of workshops & sessions, including our ‘Pitching room’. We only allow people that have completed this full course to join us so that everyone in the rooms has a similar base knowledge of the process and we can all expand our knowledge together from there. 

Week 1:

Funding your film (in more ways than Crowdfunding)

How many of these workshops have you seen? We’ve all been there- someone tells you they can tell you how to finance a film and half an hour into it, they bring up crowdfunding. Yes, it’s a legit and decent way to do it, but short of a miracle, trying to access bigger budgets this way is a long, hard slog (particularly if you’re going the wrong way about it- but that’s another chat for another day). 

Put simply, I want to take you through where you can find the tipping point, where the money sits in our industry, how to make yourself desirable for those budgets & who you need to talk to about it. 

You will learn: 

  • A tangible step by step process to talking to the right people, building trust to access budgets
  • How to see yourself as a marketable asset, and in turn how to sell yourself as one
  • Why seeing film as a business is helping you
  • Where to even start looking for £££
  • How to build to those bigger budgets
  • How to make sure you don’t oversell & underdeliver on returns 
  • How to actually start seeing a financial return on your films
  • How to begin a fruitful film career and to stop having to self fund.
Week 2:

How to ‘fail safe’ your production and what to do when things go wrong

With the best will in the world, making a film is essentially fixing problem after problem- how does the character get ‘there’? Why is our location no longer available? How will we feed this many people in the middle of nowhere? I’m teaching you this week how to really budget and schedule with this in mind, to create back up plans each step of production, so that when you’re faced with production problems- the show WILL go on! 

In this workshop you will learn: 

  • How to start budgeting your production
  • Unexpected expenses- how to mitigate them and absorb them
  • How to keep track of a budget throughout an entire production for day 1 to day end
  • Scheduling to allow for freak storms, washed out locations and random heat waves
  • Set Morale building for the longevity needed in a feature film shoot
  • What to do when things go wrong- actor injury, COVID19 etc
  • How to set up each shooting day for success- how not to fall behind and how to keep the pace of the day
Week 3: 

Film Sales- How to actually sell the damn thing!

Hands up if you’ve heard of someone who put their film on Youtube & then it got picked up and now they’re a huge Hollywood success? I think we all have, but here’s the spoiler: That is not how the industry works for 95% of us and we can STILL sell our films.

There is method to the madness, and once I’ve taught you the process that I’ve gone through to sell my projects, you’ll be able to do the same thing. You’ll also come out of this with an increased awareness of the film market as a whole, what is needed from you s a filmmaker, and what you can do to make your films more desirable to distributors.

In this workshop you will learn:

  • What you need to sell a film
  • How to pitch it to the people who matter 
  • How the film market and film sales works
  • What types of distribution there are
  • What kind of Sales deals to expect 
  • How to negotiate a deal
  • What are deliverables and where do you even start 
  • How to utilise your successes here to snowball the budget of your next film & set yourself up for a paying career in film.
  • How to combine the information across all 3 weeks so far to create an actionable plan to building your viable, fruitful film career long term to keep making more films whilst growing your budgets and your credibility as a filmmaker.

‘I’m currently directing my first serious short. As an industry newcomer with limited contacts, the idea of funding the thing is a little overwhelming. But Makenna broke down the process in a simple yet thoughtful way that reminded me that I am totally in control.’ Jack Ross Filmmaker

‘Makenna Guyler’s working Funding your film was a revelation! It broke things down so well that you come away feeling really confident and understanding your worth as a filmmaker’Alice Ryan Producer & Actor

‘The Workshop with Makenna has been both informative and hugely inspiring. It’s left me with hope that the film industry is accessible for working class people like myself. Thank you Makenna, I’m now off to start my pitch for the 3 films I’m planning’ Billy Herring Writer & Actor

‘I did two of Makenna’s webinars and they were truly the most informative webinars I’ve ever been on (& I must have done hundreds by now!) Thank you so much- I feel like selling a film is actually attainable. I can’t wait to try!’  Joleen White Filmmaker

Additional workshops

The Producer’s Bootcamp Alumni- The Pitching Room- 


1st Feb 2022 – 7:30pm – 9:30pm £25 – this can be booked as the 4th week once you have purchased tickets to the Producers Bootcamp 3 week course 


PLEASE NOTE: Only Alumni of ‘The Producer’s Bootcamp course have access to this session. This is so everyone who is in the pitching room all have a similar understanding of the process already, so we can learn, practice and grow from there together.


They say practice makes perfect, but how do you practice being able to pitch your films and hone your knowledge of the sales process? You come to our Producers Pitch room and work amongst like minded filmmakers to get your pitch to as strong a place as you possibly can ahead of sending out for funding & development.

Ever wondered what a pitch actually feels like? Want a space to see how it’s done and practice without the pressure of having to knock it out of the park first time? In a Producer room format, everyone comes to the session with their minute ‘Elevator pitch’. We workshop each pitch individually to try to get it as strong as we can and to put everything we’ve learnt from our Producer’s Bootcamp course into practice. You not only get individual feedback on your project and pitch technique, but by watching each other pitch, you can get a feel for what ‘works’ for you and why. It’s being a fly on the wall in the Sales rooms of films, and witnessing the process in a friendly, constructive environment. 

We finish this session by bringing everything we’ve learnt together into a q&a format- the floor is open once our elevator pitch segment is concluded and you can pick my brains over everything and anything you are still feeling ‘bamboozled’ by. We can discuss rates of pay, attaching people to projects, you name it!   

  • First hand experience pitching a project with individual feedback to strengthen your approach
  • Experience witnessing a range of other peoples pitches, seeing what ‘works’ for you and what doesn’t
  • An informal Q&A set up that allows for you to ask any and all questions you may still have about this process, the Producing world or filmmaking itself.
  • Networking with similarly minded filmmakers and being able to learn and grow together in a collaborative manner

These pitches are completely confidential- we record and store the session as proof that you pitched this concept on the date of the session. This is so your intellectual property is protected in video format.







Jan 11 - 25 2022


7:30 PM - 9:30 PM



Zoom Meeting






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