Producer’s bootcamp with The Movie Method – Producing your own film and working with a producer

Producer’s bootcamp with The Movie Method – Producing your own film and working with a producer.


Please note you can purchase this workshop individually or as a three workshop series for a discounted price. (To purchase all three please buy through the workshop link labelled ‘Package (3 workshops) Producers Bootcamp with The Movie Method) 

Hi! My name’s Makenna and I’m an actress turned Producer currently working in feature films in the UK. I’m huge dog lover and keen adventurer – If there’s sunshine and sea, I’m there.

I sold my first ever film several years ago (which we made for a ripe old budget of £400 in a garage and sold for an advance of $7,500 before even making any actual sales). In all honesty the only reason I knew how to do so was by ‘failing forward’, sharing tips with friends, and asking those who had done it before me for help. It made me realise that there’s a massive elephant in the room in our industry when it comes to sharing actual REAL applicable information- everyone tells you that you can fund, budget, make and sell a film, but no one seems to actually be willing to share HOW they did it.

And so ‘The Movie Method’ was born,  it’s my full intention to make this a transparent place on the internet for our industry- a place where you can actually get real answers when it comes to the business and marketing of your films, rather than the wishy washy stuff that’s served up time and time again elsewhere.


Producing your own film and working with a producer.


So Producers’ wear shoulder pads and control the money right? Wrong. (Well, there are exceptions but generally speaking…) We’re the ones that fight filmmakers corners from day 1 to day ‘done’ on a film.

Your location pulled out last minute? Guess who’s around to help you find another. You need a horse with no budget and no idea what you need to provide them with on set? We’ve got you. Running a production and get side swiped by another lockdown? Been there done that.

I like to think of Producers at Indie level as a Swiss Army Knife of filmmakers. Once we’re attached to a project we fight tooth & nail, day and night to help filmmakers put their vision from script to screen against all odds. But where do the good ones hide? How do you get one attached? And how do you make sure you get the right Producer for YOU? Remember you work closely with them for as long as your project is on.

This workshop is for you if you’re a filmmaker looking to connect with Producers to help elevate your next project & share some of the tasks that you’ve had to take on yourself till now. If you’re struggling to find liked minded people around you that could work alongside you and help boost the production value & contacts within your next project. If YOU yourself want to venture into Producing or are doing so and want to get better at your craft this workshop is for you!

This workshop isn’t for you if you want to attach someone to your project and then drop off of the face of the Earth until day 1 shooting- Producers are here to work WITH you- open communication and team mentality Is a MUST in this relationship

In this workshop you will learn:

  • Where to find and meet Indie Producers
  • How to approach them and attach them to projects
  • The financial aspects of having a Producer on board (funding VS payments)
  • How to create the best working environment between your self and a Producer as possible
  • Producing tips for your projects including budgeting & staying under budget
  • What Producers actually do!
  • What to do when things go wrong- lessons first hand from a Producer


14 09 2021


6:30 PM - 8:30 PM



Zoom Webinar






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